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Healthy Distractions – Workouts While Away from Work

During this time of Coronavirus and staying home, it is so easy to be distracted. We’re off our routine and the “rules” have changed. The gym is closed, we’re binge-watching Tiger King, mastering the art of junk food indulgence, virtual happy hours, obsession with daily COVID-19 updates, parent-teacher responsibilities…the list is never ending.

While checking in with my brother through Facetime during this pandemic, I asked what he was doing as he looked sweaty and a bit disheveled. He certainly didn’t match the couch potato look that I had acquired (well, maybe the disheveled look). He said, “I was working out on the lanai.” Ah, leave it to my brother to stay the course with a healthy distraction during this time when it is so easy to be unhealthy. My brother has been in the fitness industry for 30+ years, so I asked him for a few workouts that I, too, could do at home. He sent several, so I put together this compilation – “Healthy Distractions – Workouts While Away from Work” – to share with you (Healthy Distractions Workout). My favorite is “Phil’s Filthy 50”. (Tap on the Healthy Distractions Workout link for a pdf copy of the workouts)

Please note – the exercises provided are for general information purposes only. They are not intended to constitute health care or medical advice nor are they a substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional. You should always speak to your doctor before you change, start or stop any part of your healthcare plan, including physical activity or exercise.

If you’re a business looking for ideas on how to stay in touch with your team, who may now be at home…try the Alphabet Exercise. Each day you can send a word (or phrase) of the day as a daily challenge (for optional participation, of course). Or, play the Alphabet Exercise with friends – the virtual, social-distancing way by sending challenge words or phrases to each other.

Be safe…be well….and enjoy some healthy distractions as we travel through this journey together.

Heidi Hoffland, Founder/Managing Director, HR Outsource LLC

April 2020

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