Rethinking the Way HR Works


rethinking the way hr works
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New Product, New Look

Since 2009, HR Outsource has been sought out by businesses concerned they were possibly missing important aspects (and requirements) of the human resource function for their organization.  With limited or no HR subject matter experts in-house, businesses were often unaware of where to start and what questions to ask to determine where they may be

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Healthy Distractions – Workouts While Away from Work

During this time of Coronavirus and staying home, it is so easy to be distracted. We’re off our routine and the “rules” have changed. The gym is closed, we’re binge-watching Tiger King, mastering the art of junk food indulgence, virtual happy hours, obsession with daily COVID-19 updates, parent-teacher responsibilities…the list is never ending. While checking

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Is the Human Resources Department (“HR”) On Its Way Out?

Workplaces have changed and so has the role of HR.  During the Industrial Revolution in the United States in the late 1700s-1800s, there wasn’t an HR department and workers didn’t have many rights.  People worked long days and working conditions were harsh.  But they needed the money and there were long lines of people wanting

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