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HR Outsource Human Resources Assessment

HR Outsource Human Resources Assessment

Thank you for your interest in the HR Outsource Human Resources Assessment.  This 350+ question evaluation will reach into areas of human resources, from preboarding to offboarding, providing insight into your organization’s practices, policies, procedures and outcomes.  You will receive results from the assessment identifying areas of potential elevated risk or opportunity for your organization.

The assessment format is based upon Yes/No questions.  It may take up to 3± hours to complete depending upon your awareness of the human resource practices for your organization.  You will have the opportunity to “Save” and “Resume” your work as you complete the assessment.  

Cost:  $479 + tax (if applicable)

Cost includes access to the assessment plus a final report of findings upon completion.  Results will be sent to your e-mail inbox (or Spam/Junk folder).   

Disclaimer:  The HR Outsource Human Resources Assessment is written with a USA focus. It is not inclusive of all possible human resources related conditions and risks, nor does it answer the specific state and local requirements.  It is merely a guideline of the key areas of human resources, for informational purposes only, and should not be considered as a comprehensive solution for professional advice.  Any federal and state laws discussed in this Assessment are subject to frequent revision and interpretation by amendments and judicial revisions that may significantly affect employer and employee rights and obligations.   It is recommended that employers work closely with employment law counsel and subject matter experts to best address areas of concern.  



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