Rethinking the Way HR Works

Whether it’s customers, vendors or employees, people are central to the success of every business.  Employees are the internal hub that keeps the business rolling.  While HR has traditionally been known as the “department for the people”, it spends most of its time on administrative work, such as administering employee benefit plans, recruitment, rewards and recognition, compensation, ensuring compliance, processing payroll, answering paycheck questions, conducting performance evaluations….and the list goes on.  These administrative tasks take up a large part of an HR professional’s time leaving little time to focus on the strategic (people-related) duties.

That’s where HR Outsource can help. 

We can help you find your way through the montage of non-strategic HR related duties so you can focus on what makes your business successful – your people.  We will help you determine what should stay (in-house) and what should go (outsource) based upon your culture, capabilities and collaboration.  Outsourcing the HR function, or parts of it, will be different for every organization.  There is no “one size fits all” for services.  Once we’ve cleared away the clutter and put these tasks in the right place, we can focus on the hub of your organization – the people. 

The Job. The Journey….The People

Every organization expects a workforce of highly engaged employees just as every employee expects to work for an organization where they can be highly engaged.  HR Outsource partners with clients, both individuals and organizations, to provide a path to be their very best.  With a design thinking approach, we will help organizations with their people strategy to finding, developing and retaining great employees based upon an understanding of why people interact with, join, evolve, progress and leave your organization. Our mission is to improve the employee experience so talented people enjoy the journey in a job where they can be most productive.      

The journey awaits……

Photography Credit: Eric Saunders

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