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Founded in 2009, HR Outsource has helped businesses in the United States, in a variety of industries and sizes, solve their human resources (HR) needs.  We have found that many business owners were unaware of the “health” of their HR function regarding their  legal obligations and effectiveness of their employment practices.  This can put a business in a risky situation, both from a liability perspective and employee retention.  As a result, HR Outsource developed an easy, online product for USA businesses to identify areas of potential risk in their functional areas of HR.  With this awareness, businesses can move in the direction of a healthy, productive and compliant workplace culture.

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What others are saying about HR Outsource…

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience and would highly recommend HR Outsource.”
∼ Lori, Dental Practice Co-owner

“HR Outsource is knowledgeable in HR law, policy and the rights of employers and employees.”
∼ Donna, Pharmacy Co-owner

“HR Outsource is a joy to work with and the experience and professionalism in HR is outstanding.”
Dan, Dental Practice Owner

“HR Outsource has proven to be an invaluable resource for our dental team for years to come.”
∼ Kathy, Dental Practice Owner