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"I have had the opportunity to work with Heidi Hoffland for five years and I would highly recommend her for any Human Resource related projects. She has strong leadership skills, exceptional decision-making ability, and has a wealth of information in all areas of human resources. Her in-depth employment law knowledge was imperative while she worked with us.

Heidi takes great pride in everything she produces and it shows in the end product. She pays attention to detail and when she distributed our Employee Manual it was accurate and well done. She is compassionate with those she works with and has a real passion for any and all work she is given. She has the ability to get a good “read” on people, and has successfully recruited for all position levels within our organization. In her executive role here, she hadthe ability to effectively communicate with all employees.

Heidi leaves a wonderful lasting impression with everyone she touches." Kim Georgeson, Clinic Administrator

"Heidi Hoffland was initially interviewed by myself and a designated committee and consequently hired by my dental group. From the outset she was impressive with her prior experience and her skill set, especially in her professional demeanor and communication skills. I have found over five years she is extremely capable and trustworthy.

One of her best attributes is her ability to listen and process issues for employees and ownership. She strikes a proper balance in relations of manager, owner, and employee. I value her in our organization and believe she will succeed in any venture in her field. In particular example for me, Ms. Hoffland over time successfully solved a delicate employee issue with proper resources and secured a positive outcome for both employee and the group. In conclusion, I found her to be very reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our organization. "

Scott R. Johnson, D.D.S.

"I found Heidi to be extremely competent within the human resources field. She helped our group immensely with many challenging issues and was always able to find resolution to difficult situations. She also has an excellent business acumen and that ability to "get things done". I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in her services. "

- David Allen, D.D.S, M.S

"Heidi Hoffland was introduced to me by my accountant who has been in dentistry for 39 years to help fill multiple job openings. From the beginning of our relationship she has proven she is a reliable and well-connected resource for all your dental staffing needs from office managers, hygienists, assistants to dentists.

She is committed and determined to help with placements as efficiently and quickly as possible. Her commission is a reasonable and fair fee for the level of expertise she offers. She has proven she is an invaluable resource for our dental team for years to come." - Kathy Giswold, D.D.S.

"H. R. makes many difficult decisions.

When everyone realizes that they are working with an individual of high character, straight forward honesty and the highest of ethical values these decisions are always resolved and accepted. This describes Heidi Hoffland . It was my pleasure to learn from her that no matter where you are in an organization these qualities matter the most. " Terry Donnelly D.D.S

"Heidi is an excellent leader. She promotes a team atmosphere and is also diligent about following through on individual goals. She truly cares about her employees and wants them to succeed. She always gives credit, where credit is due! Heidi is energetic, respectful and always has a great attitude, she is a true pleasure to work with!" Sally Harris

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Heidi for the past three years. She is a great person that brings a high level of energy and professionalism to any team. She has an in depth knowledge of all facets of the Human Resources field and has consistently recruited great candidates.

She always has time to be a great listener and makes herself available to all levels in an organization. Her positive personality and prior experience make her a person that I go to first to consult with or bounce ideas off of. " Gary Brown

"I had the good fortune of having Heidi Hoffland work with my non-profit organization. Heidi brought her incredible skills to work with our organization in every aspect of human resources. She brings practical wisdom to job descriptions and employee handbooks, but her greatest skill comes in working with employees in evaluating their performance.

I have seen her coach difficult employees into cooperative, high functioning employees. I trust Heidi's intelligence, honesty, integrity and high work ethic. Her abilities and character are unimpeachable. Heidi understands what is needed to make an organization function efficiently and pleasantly. I have moved to a new organization and plan to hire HR Outsource as soon as possible to work with us. " Carly Kuntz, MDiv

"My time with Heidi was exceptional. She was a valuable teacher and resource to me. She is extremely detail-oriented and possesses a great ability to follow through on her initiatives.

Heidi is also a great person. I highly recommend her! " Michael LaBroscian

"Heidi Hoffland of HR Outsource is a talented HR professional. She has a broad knowledge of HR Laws that affect employers and employees, and understands how to comply with the laws to the benefit of the company and their employees. She is fair, responsible and dedicated to growing companies by hiring talented staff, training them well, and supporting them in their role.

Heidi believes there is a positive solution to every problem and interactively works with staff and employers to accomplish a win-win solution for any conflict.

Heidi believes in people and it shows in her work! I would recommend her to any company who is looking for a dynamic, caring professional to enhance their operation." Jan Streich, Clinic Administrator

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